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United we succeed

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Harness the power of connection to thrive in a high-inflation, post-COVID reality

A team fist pupping to celebrate unity
Better United

  • Today’s economic climate makes many pre-pandemic business practices obsolete

  • While creating unprecedented opportunities, technology also brings unique challenges

  • Element can cut through complexity to perfectly tailor POS solutions for your business

As businesses pour momentum into 2023, we are facing a whole new set of challenges, many of which are centred around the RBA’s cash rate, soaring inflation and skyrocketing costs of living. Now more than ever, the revolution in online cooperation -- originally spawned by the necessity to survive the pandemic -- is equipping us with the tools we need to conquer the adversity of our harsh economic climate.

Connected commerce is here to stay

It’s worth reiterating a point we’ve made before: today’s market paradigms mean businesses that work together thrive in ways that make hostile competition a waste of resources. While this might have once seemed like an idealistic New Age dream, our technology has evolved so dramatically that we are blessed with new opportunities for collaboration that simply never existed before.

These include pathways for sharing commercial wisdom and experience, and the creation of online communities that can pool their resources to benefit the industry as a whole. While we face new pressures today -- largely related to the cost of living -- we are also armed with the advantages that include working remotely and sharing ideas through virtual meetings. So even though the going is tough at the moment, we have the means to overcome the obstacles we face.

Option paralysis: a very real first-world problem

A key aspect of Element’s Better Together program is to support mutually beneficial connections among distribution partners and end users. Partly as a result of COVID, businesses now have a robust infrastructure that facilitates harmonious collaboration, and all parties can gain from this collaboration. But inevitably, the power of technology comes with its own unique challenges.

While we might have a solid grasp of the platforms that support networking and online communication, deciding on the right point of sale management system is a complex process. There are so many variables involved that the best POS system for one business is not going to perform anywhere near as effectively in a different setting.

As one very simple example, a front-of-house hospitality POS system for a staff journey experience will never deliver the customer-centric retail experience of a self service kiosk. In other situations, such as price considerations, comparing upfront capital outlay to the cost of a product’s full end-to-end life cycle can reveal a dramatic difference in financial investment between one solution and another.

Navigating the digital landscape

What would it mean for your business to have a trusted advisor who can cut through the marketing spiel and empower you to make informed decisions about your retail POS system? At Element, we carefully investigate the customer journeys and workflows specific to every partner we work with, regardless of whether the vertical involved is industrial, medical, retail or hospitality.

Our core values of design, quality and purpose compel us to explore every factor relevant to the technology ecosystem best aligned with your requirements, notably including the right price point. In one situation, you might need to be running the latest POS software or enterprise management applications, so a state-of-the-art processor becomes an essential consideration. In a different use-case scenario, it might become evident that the practical requirements do not call for this level of processing power, but unit cost is a major priority for the business.

In the second instance, we might explore the suitability of a unit such as the Element CA250W,

which offers exceptional value for its price point. In a medical setting, ‘fit for purpose’ might mean peripherals that are fully washable, while an industrial environment might necessitate a panel PC that can withstand exposure to hazardous environments.

Element CA850 POS Terminal
Element CA850 Terminal

Whether you’re evaluating the benefits of an Intel J6412 processor in the Element CA850 or looking to choose a handheld barcode scanner for the right scanning application, it is this level of conversation you can expect from our partner community. Even the idioms of ‘knowledge is power’ and ‘unity is strength’ are Better Together -- and this combined approach is how we can all cultivate a commercial environment in which everyone succeeds.

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