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No Business is an Island

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Fish jumping in other bowl
Better Together
  • Conscious business is not a New Age ideal but an efficient way of adapting to modern reality

  • Redirecting resources from competition to cooperation results in better outcomes for all

  • Product showcase: bundles that make life easier for your business

The concept of conscious business might sound a bit utopian and idealistic to some, but for others, it represents a natural and logical coming of age in light of today’s realities. We live in a world that allows us to be connected like never before, where the clear-cut lines of yesterday’s business dogmatism no longer apply to dynamic and rapidly evolving ways of living, working and transacting.

For those familiar with the term, ‘conscious business’ is often associated with responsible ways of operating that do not have an adverse impact on humanity. But it’s a very high-level overview -- and for those already working from this starting point in terms of resource management, what does it mean in the context of functional business practices?

Better together member program
Element Member Program

Better together

At Element, taking a conscious approach means working as industry advocates and business leaders, establishing and supporting an ecosystem of solution partners who empower one another to grow. It’s more than just a hip New Age-y catchphrase: conscious business means moving away from insular thinking and strictly transactional relationships, and instead developing a culture of collaboration.

The world is not built on simplistic patterns of ‘buy, sell, move on’. Instead, as an increasing body of experiential evidence suggests, groups that partner together put better solutions together, and this is just as true in business as it is in the community as a whole.

Prioritising connection and mutual support between businesses is a path to better outcomes for everyone involved. There is more than enough demand to go around -- in fact, as the world readjusts to the aftermath of COVID, the supply chain is still overwhelmed in ways it has never been before. So it stands to reason that a new way of navigating this unfamiliar commercial landscape is needed: and when we embrace networking, when we pool our resources and share lead generation, the benefits filter through to all stakeholders.

Strength in unity

There is no single business that can do everything on its own; it really does take that metaphorical village to raise a child. From raw components for manufacturing to every link along the supply chain, an intricate interdependence between companies is the cornerstone of survival. But how we approach the concept of conscious, connected business determines the extent to which we can all thrive.

A product that is meticulously designed for the market, built to exacting standards of quality and fit for purpose, is only the beginning. You also need a partner community: a specialist who understands the merchant experience, experts in the customer experience and representatives of the staff experience. And collaboration between these like-minded individuals is what it takes to get a remarkable and innovative solution out to market.

Bundle of joy

This month, we’re not focusing on individual products but on the bundles we can assemble for you.

One of our Better Together Bundles
Element Better Together Program

Even when we’re talking about physical hardware, Element is committed to the initiative of being better together. We’re offering a diverse variety of promotional deals and specials on a range of different product sets, each suited to a specific vertical: just to give you an example of what’s available, we’ve put together bundles for healthcare, retail and hospitality.

Contact Element or get in touch with our distributor, Sektor, to find out how we can craft a bundle that offers significant savings while also being tailored to your specific business ecosystem. And join our Better Together program to discover for yourself how connected business practices can supercharge your problem solving, transform the benefits you gain from partnerships, take efficiency to new heights, and empower you to pool resources for mutual success.

Individually, many of us succeed -- but as a united industry, we triumph.

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