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Why Element?

Customer service. It’s the difference between good and great. It’s what makes shoppers want to return to a retail store. It’s what makes diners want to tell everyone about a restaurant. It’s what makes a hospital patient feel cared for. It’s what gets pupils engaged in learning.

Customer service means taking service to the customer, not waiting for them to come to you. It means having touchpoints where they can engage in a way and at a place that best suits them. It means using technology that enhances the customer’s experience, that is designed with them in mind.

Element specialises in technology that helps to take service to the customer, whoever they are, wherever they are.

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Why Element
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Discover our range of quality "point of service" devices

Our Range

Our Range

We understand that you need systems that create a ‘point of service’. Element point of service systems take service to the customer, and are designed around their needs.​ Wherever and however they are used, all Element systems are thoughtfully designed for purpose. That means they are easy to use, reliable, tough and serviceable. They are designed for function, without sacrificing style. Element systems combine great design, the highest quality and purposeful functionality, That means that with Element, you can be sure you have technology specifically designed to help you deliver the best possible point of service solutions to your customers. 







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Where to buy

Available Regions

The Element product range is currently available in New Zealand, Australia Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, if you are interested in becoming a distributor or reselling Element product in other regions, please contact our Element team for more information.

About Element

About Element

Element is a technology provider specialising in systems that enable customer service and engagement.

We design and build devices that are used by customers and with customers, wherever they need service. Our mission is to help our clients engage with their customers to increase trust, convenience and loyalty.


We provide ‘point of service’ devices - for delivering information, assistance and sales transactions wherever the customer needs them.


All our products are designed by experts with in-depth experience of how they will be used, and the demands that will be placed on them. That’s what makes Element products tough, resilient, stylish and designed for purpose.


Element products are for retailers, QSRs, cinemas, shopping centres, event venues and healthcare providers who want to take customer service to the next level. 


Element takes service to the customer, wherever they need it, through design, quality and purpose.

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Contact Us

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