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Element RW60

Thermal Receipt Printer

Element RW60 3” Thermal Receipt Printer is a compact, easy to use printer ideal for small counter spaces. The flexible design, multiple connectivity options and cutter jam auto-elimination provide convenience and efficency in the retail & hospitality environments. 


Element RW337D

Dot Matrix Kitchen Printer

The Element RW337D Dot Matrix Kitchen Printer is a robust, high performance impact receipt printer that is exceptionally easy to use. Featuring built in power supply, drop-in paper load, auto-cutter and clamshell covers for easy access and maintenance, the RW337D is extremely reliable.


Element RW973 MKII

Thermal Receipt Printer

The new Element RW973 MkII Thermal Receipt Printer is a solid and reliable unit capable of handling receipt printing in high volume transaction environments. Featuring triple interface and optional WiFi/Bluetooth interfaces, it can print out at 300mm/sec and is compact and easy to use.


Element RW873

Thermal Receipt Printer

Element RW873 Thermal Receipt Printer is a cost-effective and reliable product that combines high-speed printing with a compact footprint, making it the perfect choice for retail and hospitality applications.


Element RW80L

Thermal Receipt Printer

Element RW80L 3” Thermal Receipt Printer comes with such great features as triple interface, paper saving mode as well as the unique vertical double auto cutter, making it an ideal solution for retail & hospitality environments.



Hand-held Barcode Scanner

Element P100

With its comfortable, ergonomic design and unmatched scanning performance, the Element P100 hand-held scanner offers superior out-of-box experience for scan-intensive applications.


Desktop Barcode Scanner

Element P220

The Element P220 Desktop 2D Omni-directional barcode scanner is a versatile, small form factor barcode scanner optimised for scanning all common 2D barcodes and digital codes from smartphones. 

Element P220.png

2D Cordless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Element P303BT

The Element P303BT 2D Cordless Bluetooth barcode scanner provides high speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D, Postal and OCR barcodes. Its versatility provides a super large field of view and 30-meter working range at open space. The cradle configuration allows for adaptability for different use cases, from presentation mode, self scanning and wall mounting.

Element P303BT_1.png

2D Cordless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Element P130BT

The Element P130BT has the ability to read barcode reliably off cell phone screens and capability to work with Apple iOS, Android, Window PC/tablets. This versatile scanner is designed to meet the varying needs of your scanning applications.


Fixed Scanner

Element P42KS

The new Element P42KS is a powerful and efficient fixed mount scanner, featuring an omni directional 640 x 480 pixel scanning camera with object auto sense that scans virtually any 1D and 2D barcode with impressive speed and ease.

2D Cordless Companion Scanner

Element P50BT

The P50BT pairs directly with tablets or you can use the included Bluetooth charge/comms cradle (USB-HID / USB-COM Interface) to connect to existing workstations. It offers a 50m range and 2500mAh battery to provide long lasting mobile performance.

Element P50BT2.jpg


Cash Drawer

Element EC410B

Element EC410B is a reliable and compact cash drawer that takes the hassle out of processing cash payments.



USB Interface Magnetic Stripe Reader

Element MSR213

The Element MSR213 Series USB magnetic stripe readers are ideal for retail, time keeping, security and other card reader related applications. The triple tracks of the MSR213 Series are uniquely designed to read credit/debit/loyalty cards and driver licenses, conforming to wide range of standards.


Element Accessories

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