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Element SSK-E

Self-Service Kiosk E-Series

The Element Self Service Kiosk E-Series is a quality, affordable and modular solution, designed to meet the self-service needs of customers, retailers and many industry applications. Offering a counter top or free standing floor stand with a 22” all-in-one touch computer you can add optional accessories and peripherals to allow innovative ways for your customers to interact with your brand however you choose.

To provide you the versatility to suit the application or software, the Element SSK uses an Element K22 All-in-one 22” projective capacitive touch screen computer offering both Android and Windows operating system, mounted on a purposefully designed counter stand with optional floor stand extension.


Element SSK-P

Self-Service Kiosk P-Series

The Element SSK-P series is a dedicated Self Service Kiosk solution designed to improve client interaction while increasing service efficiency. With its elegant design including all-in-one touchscreen and CPU, the radiant aluminium frame and tampered glass, the SSK-P is a stylish kiosk solution suitable for any environment.

The SSK-P series offers both a 21.5”and 27”screen options and the choice of Android or Windows (i3 or i5) operating system, including multiple I/O ports to suit your optional peripheral requirements. The SSK-P facia can be fully customised to suit the branding and colour scheme of each retailer.


Element K889

Self-Service Kiosk

The Element K889 Kiosk is a purpose built, self-service kiosk providing perfect self-ordering experience to customers while optimising business’ performance and efficiency.

With its concise and ergonomic body, it is available in counter mount, wall mount, or with pedestals forms, perfect for multiple environments. The modularised design enables K889 to include a printer, scanner and payment device and with a powerful 3965U CPU, RAM, Storage and connectivity option it will meet the different environmental needs of retailers applications.

The K889 is aimed to speed up queuing process and engage customers in innovative ways with a FHD 22” PCAP multi-touch display and optional integration for future facial recognition payment methods.

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