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21.5' or 27' All-in-One Windows or

Android Self Service Kiosk

The Element SSK-P series is a dedicated Self Service Kiosk solution designed to improve client interaction while increasing service efficiency. With its elegant design including all-in-one touchscreen and CPU, the radiant aluminium frame and tampered glass, the SSK-P is a stylish kiosk solution suitable for any environment.

The SSK-P series offers both a 21.5”and 27”screen options and the choice of Android or Windows (i3 or i5) operating system, including multiple I/O ports to suit your optional peripheral requirements. The SSK-P facia can be fully customised to suit the branding and colour scheme of each retailer.

Optional 2D scanners from Zebra or Datalogic can be added to ensure a quick scanning kiosk experience, and optional accessories like tri-coloured lights and payment terminal mounting options complete a total kiosk solution.



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