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Values: An Elemental Force

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Element Values: Earth, Water, Air and Fire
Element Key Values

How the beating heart of our company ethos shapes our business practices and values

  • Design. Quality. Purpose. Let’s break down what these actually mean for us

  • One of Element’s core roles is supporting the industry

  • Product showcase: He27x hybrid POS

Think about brands that have dominated the world -- Apple, Nike, Tesla, to name just three -- and some of the features they have in common. Impeccable design, exceptional quality and uncompromising fit for purpose are three characteristics that will likely spring to mind, and it’s no coincidence that these values comprise Element’s mission statement.

In the 21st century, we would not expect many people to simply accept our assertions at face value. That’s why at Element, we take the initiative to be transparent and accountable as well -- because we can justify exactly how we embody design, quality and purpose.

The three pillars that underpin what we do

First and foremost, thoughtful design is the driver for a product that succeeds. We are not talking simply about aesthetics, but also the features that solve key problems for the customer, as well as making it a pleasure to use. In the technology space, Element considers how suitable a design is for the industry -- and most importantly, for the user experience.

This is why we put such a high priority on identifying products designed to enhance that experience. In practice, this means consulting industry experts, collaborating with and listening to our partners, and scouring all corners of the globe for emerging industry trends. Most importantly, we seek feedback from retailers and partners to understand what constitutes successful design for their needs.

Before we commit to our products, they are subjected to a rigorous R&D process, allowing us to determine and ensure they will meet our expectations for quality. It is not enough for a given item to shine chiefly through the OOBE (out of box experience) -- we are committed to the full end-to-end life cycle of our technology solutions.

Assuming the POS terminal is high-quality and well-designed, the third imperative is that it must be fit for purpose. From ranges that are intentionally optimised for a low-end price point to robust terminals with long life cycles at the pinnacle of durability: consistently rolling out quality items designed for purpose is our path to earning recognition in the marketplace.

No business is an island

In many sectors of that marketplace, individual businesses and the industry as a whole are better served through a collaborative approach than by simply trying to tear down the competition. Many of our conversations at Element revolve around a detailed exploration of what our partners’ and customers’ requirements are. It is imperative for us to have a dependable understanding of what outcomes they are hoping to achieve, and ultimately what experience they are hoping to deliver.

Moving with the times

The people we work with rely on us to competently evaluate the best solution for their requirements, and if Element is not the right fit, then it serves nobody to suggest otherwise. Without detracting from the quality we offer, we accept and acknowledge that other companies also offer quality solutions, and that there are important points of difference between our offerings and theirs.

Ultimately, while Element’s first priority is supporting businesses through fit-for-purpose products, we are also aligned with being an active participant in the greater POS terminal landscape.

The power of clientelling

As retailers increasingly recognise the value of providing more technology interaction points for customers, many are investing in shifting the fixed POS paradigm and mobilising their POS. This supports the art of ‘clientelling’ -- where sales personnel move from behind the counter and engage customers, using a mobile device to build a basket in a consultative way. Naturally, a POS terminal will also be needed -- and Element’s He27x hybrid POS represents the best of both worlds.

Element He27x POS Terminal
Element He27x

Based on an 11.6in or 13.3in Windows platform, it is mounted on a locking magnetic stand to which you can connect all your existing peripherals. But unlike traditional mounting systems for tablets -- which lose connectivity when they are removed from a stand or a dock -- the He27x features optional USB-over-IP. This cutting-edge, market-leading feature allows it to stay wirelessly connected to peripherals even when detached from the base unit.

Designed to suit multiple applications, the hybrid POS represents a unique level of ROI. This single device serves the purpose of a mobile POS and tablet, as well as a fixed POS when locked, but maintains full connectivity to peripherals at all times -- even while roaming.

Its lightweight, ergonomic form factor, the dependability of its construction, and how perfectly it fulfils the dual functions of mobile device and stationary POS, all make it an embodiment of Element’s values: design, quality, purpose.

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