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The platinum rule

Gold standards are undoubtedly prestigious, but there is a way to go beyond

The platinum rule
The platinum rule
  • Applying a lens of empathy for customers puts transactions in a new light

  • Idealistic though it may seem, there are concrete ways to put this theory into practice

  • At Element, we’re committed to empowering your business to deliver top-tier service

Since time immemorial, precious metals have been used as indicators of value, success and victory. From jewellery to record sales, a relatively recent development on this theme is the idea that platinum represents an even more desirable prize than gold. So it follows that a principle known as the ‘platinum rule’ is something you may consider worthy of implementing.

One person discussing this platinum rule is John Foley, a Blue Angels pilot, bestselling author and leadership speaker who has been described as “the greatest keynote on the planet”. In a reel posted earlier this year, John reflected on a conversation he’d had regarding sales training, and one subject in particular resonated with him.

The golden rule of treating others the way you would like to be treated yourself is an age-old truism most of us are familiar with. But the ‘platinum rule’ that John quoted was all about treating others the way they want to be treated.

Tune in to client wishes

Shifting the perspective to a platinum model might be relatively straightforward in some aspects of sales. When it comes to a retail store, however, you might wonder how it’s possible to achieve this level of empathy.

Clienteling is a one effective way to treat people to a personalised pop of luxury, so the right hardware and software to facilitate this is essential. Experienced sales staff will naturally intuit how the customer wishes to be treated, and some stores also have colour-coded shopping baskets to help facilitate interpreting a client’s desires.

Evolving to platinum

What about when the retailer is the customer? Element’s pillars of design, quality and purpose are not static properties they are continually evolving. Evaluating market forces such as the increased cost of living, interest rate rises and so on, as well as our industry experience, gives us clues about what our partners will appreciate.

Among the conclusions we are drawing is the notion that people are not currently looking for complex, technical, high-cost hardware. Instead, we are hearing calls for good value, good products and good pricing. For this reason, in the lead-up to Christmas, we have a whole raft of specials that can help retailers seeking dependable technology replacements at the right value.

And these solutions will enable your business to continue delivering platinum-level service right through the transaction process.

Make the last mile gleam

When we think about how a customer would like their transaction to unfold, our attention will naturally encompass key peripherals. Depending on what products you have available, will a fixed barcode scanner be convenient to use, or is a portable one a better option?

Applying the platinum rule means putting the right scanner in the right place, at the right value. Element’s range of 2D scanners can be positioned in a fixed location, but also fit in the palm of your hand, allowing you to bring the checkout to the product as required.

The humble receipt printer is another item that can be a make-or-break cornerstone of the customer experience, for those who need a hardcopy record of their purchase. Maximise your ability to deliver effortless throughput by choosing a unit that will handle kilometres of receipts before the print head is even close to conking out. Because if there’s one thing you can be sure that someone who already loves your store doesn't want, it’s the hassle of being delayed at the checkout due to equipment failure.

Contact Element to discover what deals we can offer across various ranges, providing value products at a crucial time and helping to make your business a shining example of ‘getting it right’.

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