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Elevate your technology ecosystems with seamlessly integrated onboard features

Element k959 AIO Panel PC
Element k959 AIO Panel PC

  • Subtle additions can equip healthcare terminals for exceptional EMR management

  • A hybrid POS that can transform into a tablet offers remarkable versatility

  • Element can empower your brand to shine through an integral technology experience

We’ve already talked about the power of peripherals, and how the lead players of a technology ecosystem are nothing without a first-rate supporting cast. Regardless of whether the vertical is POS, healthcare, hospitality or industrial, the greatest gains in workflow efficiency are attained through the ingenious integration of peripherals and other key hardware features.

Healthy interest

At first glance, retail and healthcare might seem worlds apart, unless you’re in a shopping centre like Chadstone. But when viewed through the lens of technology, notable parallels soon become apparent.

Think of a medical practitioner as a service provider, and a patient or recipient of care as the customer. Psychologists and counsellors overtly refer to the people they work with as ‘clients’, while in a more general mental health setting, people requiring services are frequently called ‘consumers’.

Element Healthcare K959 AIO Panel PC
Element K959

So how can workflow be economised to support the healing process, minimising the disruption to the patient’s life? Integrating subtle but powerful features into an AIO (all-in-one) touchscreen terminal such as the Element K959 can make a huge difference when working with the inescapable medical reality of EMR (electronic medical record).

Something as simple as a single sign-on function thanks to an integrated RFID reader makes it effortless for nursing staff to log in to a terminal, and an in-built LED work light offers tightly focused illumination where it’s needed, minimising disturbance to sleeping patients.

When the patient is on the move and the terminal needs to roll with them, the onboard power supply can simply be disconnected from the wall and the unit switches to its hot-swappable battery system. And side-mounted orientation of the battery bay means gravity can’t work against you.

These small differences may not have conspicuous effects at the conscious level - however, in concert, they serve to reduce the stress points in an environment that is inevitably fraught with worry.

Hybrid theory

When is a tablet not just a tablet? When it can be instantly transformed into a freestanding POS, loaded with optional peripherals. These are too diverse to list here, but they’re perfect for ‘clienteling’ -- the art of building meaningful relationships with customers, that can be transfrerred to other individuals within the sales team. It’s a popular choice for concept stores, since staff can close a sale directly from the unit.

The modern, ergonomic docking station features a magnetic lock and rotating ball joint so the tablet can be viewed from a variety of angles. Plus, the docking station offers extra comm ports, LAN, USB ports and even cash drawer points -- all integrated into the base of the unit.

Interaction by stealth

It’s not enough just to spruik the value of integration: choosing the right products means understanding where and how they are going to be used, then qualifying them correctly. Ultimately, the whole point is to make the hardware and software disappear, and allow the engagement with your brand to take centre stage.

Hardware that is effectively ‘invisible’ will often nevertheless create a subliminal impression of your business space as a whole being sleek, modern and beautiful. And while customers should hardly notice the POS itself, they should remember their transaction as being smooth and pleasant.

Let Element help you map the right staff experience with the customer journey to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.

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