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Beauty is more than skin deep

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

In a retail vertical that thrives on visual appeal, form itself has a function

The Element EV770 POS Terminal
Element EV770 Terminal

  • Like it or not, the appearance of a product has a powerful influence on its success

  • In the world of fashion, it is crucial to cater for people who have keen aesthetic taste

  • Form needs the support of function to be truly effective, and the EV770 delivers both

If the way things look had no bearing on our feelings about value, interior decorators would be out of a job. To be sure, there is much more to life than aesthetics, but the reality is that everyone judges a book by its cover -- so it is imperative for the physical appearance of your transactional hardware to be up to speed with the ambition level of your business.

Think about the success of Apple as a brand. Without diminishing the relevance of the work that’s gone into making Macs and iPhones intuitive and easy to use, the pristine design of this company’s products has sparked love at first sight for customers worldwide. Apple appreciates the importance of the vehicle to the service that arrives in it, and the company’s skill in capitalising on brand identity is literally a textbook example. As in, business studies students in Australian high schools are taught about Apple as a case study in “doing it right”.

Beauty: in the ‘i’ of the beholder

We don’t have to prefix product names with the letter ‘i’ as Apple does to harness the same principles -- we simply need to be motivated by a similar ethos of putting the customer journey at the heart of everything we do. And when it comes to retail, that ethos is particularly visible in the fashion industry.

The Element EV770 POS Terminal
Element EV770 Terminal

As with fine art, this vertical is all about pleasing the eye. Customers have a well-developed appreciation of what looks good, and shopping needs to be more than just the utilitarian acquisition of necessities:

it is a whole experience.

A fashion retail business routinely invests in fitting out their premises for irresistible glamour. Experts are hired to ensure the interior of the store will attract customers and make them feel like celebrities while they are browsing. This experience reaches a satisfying conclusion at the point of sale, and this is where the Element EV770 really comes into its own, combining transactional power with a sculptural, premium appearance.

A passion for fashion

The purchase process when staff are folding and bagging clothes is part of the experience customers expect, and they visit high-end retailers to enjoy this service. For this reason, fashion retailers often want a POS device that can be folded completely flat and positioned underneath the glass of a benchtop: the EV770 can do that, straight out of the box.

Other retailers may prefer to show off the sophisticated and stylish lines of the AIO (all-in-one) version of this unit, but don’t want a tangle of cords in the line of sight. Thanks to intelligent cable management options, the EV770 can achieve such a look impeccably.

Retailers who want a thin, tablet-like touchscreen visible while keeping the box PC under the counter can still use same hardware running the same standard operating environment. The EV770’s monitor component has a depth of just 9mm, giving it a slimline appeal to align with other accents of the instore space. Meanwhile, Element can provide peripherals such as the cash drawer and receipt printer which can be hidden under the benchtop as well, making everything sleek and streamlined.

Smooth operator

In the words of brand icon and filmmaker Saul Bass, “Design is thinking made visible.” For a fashion retailer, the way point of sale hardware is visually presented has a direct influence on the success of the business as a whole. It must seamlessly match the decor of the space -- an incongruous lump of IT would be an embarrassment to the meticulously crafted look of the entire store.

But just as important is the assurance that this unit has the processing capability and headroom for considerable evolution into the future -- thanks to its modularity, which enables agile updates. To facilitate maintenance and management, the EV770’s platform architecture is consistent across the entire Evolution series, which encompasses a variety of peripherals in addition to the core components.

Like a prestige automobile, the symphony of power and elegance that the EV770 represents can elevate transactions to a sublime customer experience. An effortless, unimpeded sale at the conclusion of a fashion journey is just as important as inspiring shoppers with a dazzling retail environment. And thanks to the EV770, you can ensure that the final moments before leaving your store will create a lasting impression.

Contact Element to discover how this unique marriage of versatility, form and function can give your business a competitive edge. We draw upon a wealth of industry knowledge to qualify the precise parameters required to deliver a bespoke technology solution that is the perfect equilibrium of cost, efficiency and longevity.

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