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Thinking made visible

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

We celebrate the triumphs and tribulations of developing a revolutionary product

  • When design meets purpose, quality is the dependable outcome

  • The Element EV770 represents a remarkable breadth of industry experience

  • Innovation is never easy, but the result for our partners is worth the effort

A new era is dawning on the retail landscape with the launch of our flagship POS terminal, the EV770. Designed from the ground up by Element, this unit is set to revolutionise the transactional power of your business. It is the culmination of our combined experience, collaboration with our partners, and our understanding of the complex and interconnecting factors that influence the industry.

Saul Bass, a groundbreaking filmmaker and graphic designer, described design as “thinking made visible”, and this epitomises how we approached creating the Evolution series. The features and capabilities we have integrated into this platform make it a uniquely versatile, powerful and aesthetically elegant apex of retail technology.

A wealth of experience

We wouldn’t presume to suggest that the EV770 is the solution for every retail scenario. Nor does this achievement mean we are going to stop evolving, improving, innovating. However, we’ve strived to incorporate all the recurring motifs that we know to be inherent to so many different verticals -- from hospitality to retail to QSR (quick-service restaurants).

We’ve worked to amalgamate multiple environmental requirements into a single

Element EV770 POS Terminal
Element EV770

platform that can be effortlessly rebuilt, rearranged and reconfigured for a remarkable variety of use cases. One example is the intelligent cable management that allows connectivity straight through the counter beneath the unit, perfect for a fashion retailer that wants the illusion of a zero-cable box. Another is the customisable logo panel with LED illumination that can be set to any colour.

The industry experience we bring to this design is an alloy of our strengths and our successes, but also the flaws we’ve overcome and the lessons we’ve learned from mistakes we’ve made. The EV770 is not just one person’s brainchild -- it is the realisation of a collaborative journey, weaving gold and silicon threads of wisdom from partners, customers, technical experts and other stakeholders, into a unified vision.

Longevity and return on investment

Like the POS equivalent of Lego, the Evolution series includes core platform modules of an ultra-slim, tablet-like touch display, a box PC and a double-hinged base platform. It can be pole-mounted, configured as a distributed system, all-in-one (AIO) POS, or function as a panel PC -- to name just a few. Diverse peripheral options expand its capabilities even further.

The key to the EV770’s versatility is its standard operating environment, which remains consistent across all form factors. Regardless of whether it is deployed as a distributed unit for a grocery POS terminal or utilised as a panel PC for digital signage, the same image and the same architecture can be used in all instances.

Its modular format also streamlines serviceability -- vital for a retailer, which relies on its point of sale as the cornerstone of trade. Since individual components can be upgraded or serviced swiftly and efficiently, downtime and shipping costs are both minimised. This empowers your business to operate a fleet of cutting-edge devices at a reduced cost of ownership over the life cycle of the product -- meaning a better return on your investment.

The vision and the execution

Channelling the experience of so many contributors has been a challenging but rewarding labour of love. It’s impossible to please everyone -- often, the needs of one business are in direct contrast with the needs of another. But by the same token, there are clear trends and patterns that have emerged throughout our work in the industry. And our deep and robust understanding of the retail world allowed us to identify and harness these themes of similarity.

Carving a path of innovation into uncharted territory always necessitates effort, persistence and negotiation. Many of the distinguishing features of this terminal had never been road-tested, even by manufacturing giants well-versed in producing POS hardware for other brands.

It took a lot of justification to explain why we needed these pivotal points of differentiation -- they were the features that met critical requirements of our partners and customers. In many cases, these needs had never been directly and comprehensively addressed before, giving the EV770 a purpose-designed edge unlike anything before it.

Ultimately, the result is a product line that embodies the best of what Element has to offer: an unprecedented manifestation of design, quality and purpose.

We invite you to discover for yourself what a wealth of new horizons the Evolution series can open up for your business.

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1 Comment

Jun 15, 2023

I really love that Element research what customers want and test the solution!

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