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Transact at the Speed of Life

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Travelling at the Speed of Light
Speed of Life

Widescreen POS terminals with new CPUs can extend your business to the next speed level

  • Element can support your business through 16:9 aspect ratio and stock availability

  • Terminals with 11th-gen CPUs are in stock right now, despite supply chain issues

  • Product longevity is a high priority for us, but so is continual improvement

Yes, it’s true that speed isn’t everything, but if your POS terminal is not equipped with a CPU that can support omni-channel software and the transition to Windows 11, it may end up slowing down your staff and your customers. At Element, we are committed to providing you and your customers with the fastest and most efficient transaction experience available, and we approach that goal via several pathways.

  1. With 16:9 POS terminals: we’ve already talked about how the 4:3 format is, amazingly, a relic of late 19th-century filmmaking, and why it is important to get on board with today’s thinner, higher-resolution 16:9 POS terminals. Make sure your software vendor is capable of keeping up with your hardware upgrades, providing omni-channel consistency.

  2. By moving from ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case’ supply models: lockdowns, staff shortages and supply chain issues forced many businesses to close their doors, at least temporarily. For those that have survived the latest wave, it is imperative to extract every cent of revenue from the transactions that they CAN make. And that’s where Element can give you the edge, thanks to POS terminals available right now instead of a year away.

  3. Why the latest 11th-generation CPUs: Element is evolving with the times, embracing 16:9 and the latest embedded Intel CPUs to support new application or OS requirements at the POS. With a long-term roadmap for these embedded CPUs, Element POS terminals can reliably provide you with the consistency that is essential for continuing a standard operating environment in your retail outlets. It’s also important to mention that by significantly outperforming older hardware, these CPU changes ensure the migration to Windows 11 is effortless, ensuring longevity and dependability.

On your marks…

PassMark Software compares available CPUs with one another and establishes benchmarking figures based on both internal testing and performance data submitted by the site’s users. The CPU Mark it lists for each processor provides a standard figure for comparison, based on the results of eight different tests averaged together. These tests are designed to accurately indicate how well a CPU will perform, providing a consistent industry benchmark.

Element has POS terminals equipped with 11th-gen CPUs available right now, and they offer dramatically higher performance at an equivalent price point. Just to put some hard numbers on the benefits: an 11th-gen Intel Celeron J6412 with a clock speed of 2GHz has been rated at a CPU mark of 4051. This is almost double the performance of an older 2.4GHz Intel Core i3-7100U, benchmarked at 2625 (source:

Screenshot of Element CPU Benchmark
CPU Benchmark

Selecting hardware to maximise performance obviously goes beyond the CPU alone (think RAM and SSD) – but on that point, sky-high performance is not the only factor to consider. The choice of CPU alone can have an instrumental effect on costs at the scale of a company-wide fit-out, easily running into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The key is to identify the ‘sweet spot’ between the latest high-performance tech that will last you well into the future, and not running up expenses unnecessarily. It’s crucial to be realistic about the high performance you need versus the potentially excessive headroom of multitasking processing power, accelerated graphics and so on. Element can assess your requirements and provide you with objective information, backed by industry metrics, to assist you in determining the best balance of cost versus efficiency for your business.

Future-proof your investment

Along with the benefits of wide-screen 16:9 terminals, we can now also pass on the advantages of high-performance processors. As with legacy hardware that is still using the 4:3 aspect ratio, remember that the i3-7100U was released in 2016. If you are using a terminal equipped with CPUs that are several generations behind the current class, you will no doubt already be noticing systemic strain.

Upgrading to a terminal with a CPU such as the J6412, which hit the market in 2021, means that five years from now, your business will not be depending on hardware that is well over a decade old. We’ve been working hard with our partners to ensure a dependable and transparent supply chain, with products available that are specifically designed to support migration to Windows 11. By offering cutting-edge hardware now, we can reliably expect that these terminals will enjoy functional longevity for at least the next five years.

While that longevity is a high priority for us, so is continual evolution, so we always seek feedback to ensure we are delivering what YOU need for your business. We love getting positive reviews – but constructive criticism is useful as well, because it gives us the opportunity to improve the product. We can send this feedback to our partners and to our end users, and ask: “How can we improve the product?”

It’s all part of our determination to support your business by providing you with the best possible POS performance for your investment.

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