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Press Release
Sydney, 7 June 2023

The future of POS technology is here

Purpose-designed from the ground up to meet diverse requirements across many verticals of industry, the Element EV770 is a reconfigurable platform unlike anything that has come before it.

Drawing on decades of experience and a profound understanding of the retail world, the team at Element have created a revolutionary solution for countless use-case scenarios. In a collaborative effort with partners and customers, we have worked to address needs that were traditionally relegated to the ‘too-hard basket’ by established POS manufacturers.


Inspired by the example of masterful innovators ranging from Steve Jobs to design icon Saul Bass, the Element EV770 Evolution series is a multi-configuration platform running a standard operating environment. Its premium aesthetics, intelligent cable management, industry-leading CPUs, ultra-slim 10-point PCAP touch screen and other unique features equip the Evolution series to stand the test of time.


Its greatest distinguishing feature, however, is its ability to swiftly and effortlessly take the form of an all-in-one (AIO) POS, a panel PC, a pole-mounted unit, distributed system and others. Like the POS version of Lego, the series includes core components of a tablet-like touchscreen that is just 9mm thick, a box PC and a dual-hinged stand. Diverse peripheral options ranging from MSR (magnetic stripe reader) to a secondary screen expand the Element EV770’s capabilities further.


All the while, its software architecture remains the same regardless of its configuration, so the same image can be deployed across a variety of cutting-edge devices throughout a business. Plus, its modular format ensures unprecedented serviceability with minimal downtime and reduced shipping costs.

Please visit the EV770 product page to view this unprecedented manifestation of design, quality and purpose for yourself. 

Contact us for further details:

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