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Dodge the Price Hike

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

How Element can support you with cutting-edge POS hardware at inflation-defying prices

A little piggy bank strapped in christmas lights
Piggy Bank
  • Intel can’t hold back the inevitable increase in processor prices any longer

  • Element can help you sidestep the effects of this in the short term

  • Be ready for Christmas by equipping yourself with cutting-edge POS hardware now

Inflation is one of those certainties that falls into a similar category as death and taxes. So finding a loophole or exception that eases the pressure of price rises on your business -- especially at the most intense time of year for retail -- can make a huge difference.

It’s common knowledge that Intel is increasing prices on its CPUs. For some time, the company has been attempting to amortise the effects of inflation and soaring costs of raw materials to ensure cost stability and reduce downstream impact. However, change cannot be staved off any longer, and in July, Intel announced it would implement price rises across its range of products, including chipsets, processors and motherboards, in Q4 of 2022.

Shelter from the economic price storm?

Intel’s response to market forces is by no means an isolated incident. Inflation is pushing prices up all over the country, from groceries to rental costs; the Australian dollar is crashing, and this in turn cranks up the cost of net imports.

But there is good news that contrasts with this troubling backdrop of financial crisis. At Element, we have been working for more than a year to anticipate how we will be able to help our partners weather the economic storm that has been brewing. Thanks to the ‘just in case’ model we have been utilising, we now have significant holdings of cutting-edge stock available for our retail and hospitality partners.

Retail cycle vs economic cycle

As the economic cycle is going through a phase of severe inflation, the annual retail cycle is also accelerating to the fever pitch of the Christmas/New Year period. Element has prepared for exactly this kind of scenario with stock on shelves right now of slimline 16:9 POS products featuring 11th-gen processors. These can empower you to transact at the speed of life during the busiest period of the year.

We’ve said it before, but it is worth emphasising again that our priorities are centred around promoting a conscious, connected business model in which resources are pooled and advantages are mutual. In response to the hostile economic climate, our community of solution partners is pulling together and developing meaningful ways we can help one another to thrive, even as the effects of inflation run rampant.

One of our Better Together Bundles
Element Better Together Program

If ever there was a time to ensure continuity of

your POS retail equipment, it’s now -- and

through the

Better Together program, Element can support you with the latest hardware. Contact us, or our distributor, Sektor, to discover how we can put together a pricing package that will be a welcome relief for your business in today’s harsh reality.

But don’t delay, because this is the last wave of tomorrow’s terminals we will be able to supply at yesterday’s prices.

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